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Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray


The philosophy of vocational technical education in Nigeria isvery laudable. The main purpose of the philosophy is to give training andimpart the necessary skills to individual who shall be self-relianteconomically. The extent of implementation of this philosophy leaves much tobe desired. There are so many challenges facing the implementation of thephilosophy in schools, colleges and universities. These are: dearth inqualified vocational technical teachers, hand tools, machines and materials;poor image and status of vocational technical education, inadequate funding,societal preference of general education to mention but a few. However,government intervention in providing human and infrastructural resources willgive vocational technical education a face lift philosophically,sociologically and psychologically.


This book discusses in detail the psychological, philosophical and sociological foundations of education. The text highlights the basic postulates and social concepts of both Western and Indian schools of thought and its contribution to education. Many aspects of Indian philosophy and their role in strengthening the foundations of education are comprehensively covered. Maintaining the salient features of the earlier edition, this book is updated with the recent trends in education.

The mission of the Social and Cultural Studies program is to examine critically the relationships between education and society. Drawing from sociological, historical, political, and philosophical perspectives, coursework and research in social and cultural studies place special emphasis on analyzing diversity and social inequities generated by factors such as race, gender, social class, culture, ethnicity, language, and sexual orientation. This area of inquiry provides students with the unique opportunity to formulate intellectually grounded and socially responsible philosophies of education that link beliefs about human nature, the social good, and schooling.

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