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Fazil Noses
Fazil Noses

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here in china, we're pretty good at puyuan. we've had the long relationship with the ministry of unpredictability, with the ministry of plain, meaningless shit the ministry of misinformation, the ministry of fame, even the ministry of love. so the ministry of unpredictability has one of the best reputations among the various sniping agencies.

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corsican catapults were made in vigevano, italy. this was a center of the rope industry. production consisted of two main types of apparatus: one for climbing to the top of a mast, and one for throwing heavy ropes. catapults were effective only if they were manned and maintained adequately. in 1650, a shortage of ropes led to a shortage of men to operate the catapults. as a result, they were abandoned.

catapults are still used today in video games. sometimes, it's the only way to get to the top of the tallest mountain on the map. especially in gears of war 4, where you're frequently forced to use a catapult to get to high ground where enemies will be. it's more common in modern shooters. you're stuck at the top of a tower in modern warfare 2 and come under fire. your last hope for survival is to get to the top of the tallest tower where a sniper can safely pick you off. by the way, the game uses the catapult as a cover in order to make the sniping cinematic.

brazil, a country full of beaches, has a rainy season, where heavy and constant clouds stay over the country most of the year. the united states, for instance, has a summer and a winter, but not a rainy season. the wet season is the rainy months of the year.

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