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Buy 1 Get 1 Free Iphone 7 Plus

We've rounded up this week's best Verizon deals into a super handy list of recommendations here - covering not only iPhones and Android devices, but eligible promotions on plans, accessories, and internet bundles too. There are some really great options available right now, particularly this week's Verizon deals on the latest flagship iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23 devices - both of which are available with not only great trade-in rebates but free tablets and smartwatches.

buy 1 get 1 free iphone 7 plus

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Apple iPhone 14 series: up to $1,000 off with trade, plus free iPad and Apple Watch at Verizon (opens in new tab)Thinking about picking up the latest iPhone 14? Verizon's offering one of its best deals ever on three devices in the range right now, with a trade-in rebate of up to $800 and the option to bundle in a free iPad and Apple Watch SE. By themselves, these are fantastic promotions but together they're offering some absolutely fantastic value for those opting for an unlimited plan. This promo has been available for a few weeks now but there's no saying when Verizon will discontinue it so we'd definitely recommend picking it up sooner rather than later. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Pro (opens in new tab) and iPhone 14 Pro Max (opens in new tab).

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: $5/mo with new unlimited line, plus free iPad and Apple Watch (opens in new tab)If you like the idea of that shiny new iPhone 14 but don't have a device ready to hand over as part of a trade, check out this Verizon deal on the iPhone 14 Plus. No pesky trade is needed to get this device, which is one of the latest in the range, for just $5 per month over a 24-month period. On top of this awesome device discount, you'll also be able to bundle in that free iPad and Apple Watch SE on top for even more value.

Apple iPhone 13: free with unlimited plan, plus free iPad and Apple Watch (opens in new tab)What's better than paying $5 per month without the need for a trade? Paying nothing, of course. That's exactly what Verizon's latest deal on the iPhone 13 offers. Like with the iPhone 14 Plus deal above, no trade-ins are needed to score this device on the house, just an unlimited data plan, and you can even bundle in that free iPad and Apple Watch SE if you'd like. Even though this device is a little older now, we'd still highly recommend it for 2023 - especially since its specs are still outstanding and this is the first time the carrier has offered it for free without a trade. Note, this promotion is also available on the iPhone 12 (opens in new tab) and iPhone 13 mini (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy S23: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, and free tablet and smartwatch at Verizon (opens in new tab)Prefer an Android flagship? The good news is that this week's Verizon deals on the latest Galaxy S23 range are just as strong as those being offered on the latest iPhones. Available right now is a whopping trade-in rebate of up to $800 off the Galaxy S23, and up to $1,000 off the Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 Ultra - alongside the option to bundle in a free Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The freebies alone equate to well over $800 in added value here so you're getting some absolutely fantastic value. As always, you'll need an unlimited data plan to be eligible for these promotions. See this same promo on the Galaxy S23 Plus (opens in new tab) or the Galaxy S23 Ultra (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy S22: $5/mo with unlimited plan, plus free Galaxy Watch and tablet (opens in new tab)It may not be the latest device in the range anymore, but Verizon's deals on the slightly older Galaxy S22 just keep getting better and better. The carrier has recently slashed the monthly price from $10 per month (which was already discounted), to a fantastic $5 per month. No trade-in is needed here, just an unlimited plan, and you can also bundle in a free Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab S7 FE right now too - freebies that add up to over $800 in value.

Google Pixel 7 Pro: save up to $899 with a trade-in, plus $400 off a smartwatch at Verizon (opens in new tab)If you're interested in a more premium device with this week's Verizon deals, then you should also consider the Google Pixel 7 Pro. This excellent flagship has the traditional trade-in rebate being offered by the carrier this week - although the maximum saving of $899 is enough to get it for free. In addition to this, you can also get up to $400 off a smartwatch as a bundle option.

Google Pixel 6a: free with unlimited data plan, plus $400 off a smartwatch at Verizon (opens in new tab)This is quite possibly the best Verizon deal this week for Android fans on a budget. The Google Pixel 6a is an excellent mid-range device with a powerful chip, great camera, and eye-catching design, and right now you don't even need a trade-in to get it for free at the carrier. Simply sign up for a new unlimited data plan and you can get this one on the house.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: up to $1,000 off with trade, plus free Galaxy Watch and tablet at Verizon (opens in new tab)Another top choice, especially if you're looking for a premium device, Verizon's deals this week also cover the excellent Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the same promotions. Right now you can get the maximum possible saving with a trade-in rebate (up to $1,000) off, and the option to bundle in a free Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Watch 5 - two freebies that add up to over $800 in added value. Note that these deals are also available on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 (opens in new tab).

The Disney Bundle: free with select Unlimited plans (opens in new tab)Save an extra $14 per month on The Disney Bundle when you purchase a Verizon phone plus a qualifying Unlimited plan. Along with Disney+, you'll also have access to Hulu (with ads) and ESPN+. Best of all, if you already have a qualifying Verizon Unlimited plan, all you'll need to do is add The Disney Bundle to your account, then start streaming your favorite shows, movies and sporting events.

Verizon 5G Home Plus: 12 months of Walmart+ free at Verizon (opens in new tab)Verizon's 5G Home Plus offers a cost-effective home internet package that starts at just $35 per month if you're an existing mobile user. Right now, the carrier has also switched up its promotion to include a free yearly subscription to Walmart+ - a fantastic bonus that absolutely blows the prior gift cards that were being bundled in away.

Verizon Fios internet: 12 months of Walmart+ free at Verizon (opens in new tab)Verizon's deals on internet packages don't just include discounts for mobile users, you'll also find a few freebies and discounts being thrown in for good measure. For example, depending on your plan, you'll be receiving a free subscription to Walmart+ - either 3, 6, or a whole year of service depending on your plan.

If you haven't found the Verizon deals you're looking for this week, feel free to bookmark this page and return next week. Alternatively, check out our AT&T deals page for all the latest offers on Verizon's main competitor.

One such option is the various companies are bundling a free Apple TV+ subscription with their services. For example, there is the option to get a free year subscription to Apple TV+ with T-Mobile (if you live in the US), you can also get six months free Apple TV+ with a PlayStation 5 or three months with PlayStation 4. Find out more about these deals below.

There are a number of ways in which you can watch shows on Apple TV+ for free. Apple offers limited time trials (discussed below), and the service also allows you to watch the first episode of many shows for free. In fact there several dozen episodes available to watch for free including the first episodes of Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, See, Trying, and more.

Another way to get Apple TV+ for free is to sign up for a student subscription to Apple Music. If you qualify as a student in Higher Education you will be able to get Apple Music for half price, and as an added benefit Apple is bundling free Apple TV+ subscriptions with student subscriptions to Apple Music. You qualify for free Apple TV+ for as long as you subscribe as a student.

T-Mobile offers Apple TV+ free to Magenta MAX smartphone customers, which is normally $185 a month for three phone lines (but is currently $140 a month). As well as getting Apple TV+ for for free for the length of their contract, customers also get Netflix (two screens) and Paramount+ for one year.

You can get three months of Apple TV+ for free through Best Buy, without even making any special qualifying purchase. Just go to the Best Buy Apple TV+ promo page, hit Add to Cart, and check out. Follow the prompts to access your digital download, which is a code you can enter for three free months when you first sign up for Apple TV+. The code will work for new or returning subscribers.

You can get three months free access to Apple TV+ via the O2 Priority app (this drops to two months if you have previously had an Apple TV+ trial). O2 Priority is a loyalty scheme for O2 customers that offers various benefits and discounts.

What if you are thinking of buying a new Apple device later? Will you be able to switch from a subscription to the free trial? We think that the way to do this would be to cancel your subscription before signing up again via the three-month trial. 041b061a72

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