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Fazil Noses
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Buy Mysql High Quality

Detailed information about our various support options is given at , where support contracts can also beordered online. If you have restricted access to the Internet, contactour sales staff at

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All the MySQL-specific source in the server, the mysqlclientlibrary and the client, as well as the GNU readline libraryis covered by the GNU General Public License. See -license.html.The text of this license can also be found as the file COPYINGin the distributions.

To purchase commercial licenses and support, please visit the order sectionof our web site at If you have speciallicensing needs or you have restricted access to the Internet, please contactour sales staff at

To change the query duration at which an EXPLAIN is triggered, you must edit the share/mysql-proxy/quan.lua file within the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agent directory on each server. You need to change the value configured in the auto_explain_min_exec_time_us. The default is 500ms:

Yes, or you can re-direct them in various ways, by reconfiguring mysqld to listen to some other port, and the proxy to 3306, use iptables redirection, etc. We have some examples in the manual for the product on how to do it (semi)-transparently.

Both parameters would be estimated in two cases :a) cold start - sample runs just after mysql restart - all buffers and caches are empty;b) hot start - 1000 events already processed, so caches are full with data;

Quote from MySQL manual : "If you have a very slow DNS and many hosts, you can get more performance by either disabling DNS lookop with --skip-name-resolve or by increasing the HOST_CACHE_SIZE define (default: 128) and recompile mysqld." - we definitely have more than 128 hosts accessing our databases simultaneously, which means that we need to increase it to something like 2048 or so (to account for RCF farm nodes). Currently, both stock mysql distribution and HighPerformance version have 128 hosts set as buffer default. 041b061a72

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