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Pending the entry into force of the CEDAW judgment the Council of Europe, at its twenty-eighth session (3-9 June 2001), was very critical of the Government of Sri Lanka for not being prepared to make immediate adjustments in national law and practice in line with its obligations under the Convention.

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Thus, it is clearly the task of the Government of Sri Lanka to deal promptly with the provisions of such judgments which are not already in force. But, as now the country has ratified the Convention, it is up to the Government to take the necessary steps for its implementation within its national law and system for the provision of justice in order to effectively protect its citizens against all kinds of violence, which are indeed heinous in Sri Lanka today. In particular, it is of vital importance for the government and the people of the country to pay attention to what is said in the just judgment given by the CEDAW Committee, because it is the first time that the judgment was passed and it deals with many crucial issues that are still facing the country today.

It is in this regard that the Government of Sri Lanka should take the necessary steps to bring the judgment into operation without further delay. It is said that the general elections scheduled for November 2002, the year 2006, may coincide with the entry into force of the judgment, and the country should take necessary measures to ensure that the functioning of its executive arm is in order for it to achieve a positive conclusion in this regard to the general public.

It is, therefore, hoped that Sri Lanka will ensure that the judgment that deals with the rights of women concerning violence against women by the state and societal organisations is effectively put into effect. At the same time the Government should not forget that the rights to life, dignity and equality of women are among the foremost rights recognized by all communities and States and therefore such rights cannot be taken lightly.

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