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Toilet - Ek Prem Katha Movie Download Torrent

Toilet : Ek Prem Katha was a great let down for me. I expected this to be like Padman but was disappointed. It shows the need for making toilets in India where most of the people in the rural area defecate in public. But the movies lacks a strong script and good direction. There's no character development and it was quite boring. It even quotes Indian holy books. That scene was way too dramatic.And the people who are giving 10 stars, please STOP doing it. They just gives 10 for every Bollywood movie. You guys have to stop doing this.

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha Movie Download Torrent


A newly married girl got shocked by knowing dont have toilet in her husband's house..then she demand him to built a new toilet otherwise she dont want live with him.Later allbwomen start to demand their husbands same thing..Finally government also approve toilet building projects in their village..Really apprieciate this movie director fortaking this topic and convey this message to people..Royal salute to this director....

Having had to use some poorly maintained outhouses at the height of summer and in the depths of winter, I believe that indoor plumbing is the greatest invention of mankind. As a result, I was onboard from the start of of this movie. Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar fall in love at first sight -- although it takes her a while to realize it.This is always a convenience, since it allows the film makers to get to the heart of the plot. Miss Pednekar has been raised with the modern conveniences, including a toilet at home, while Mr. Kumar is the son of a very conservative Brahmin in a small village, and since daddy believes that men should pee and defecate wherever they are, while women should hold it in all day and go en masse to a distant field for their business, well, Mr. Kumar believes in quick and dirty solutions to his father's dictatorial edicts.The movie turns into a propaganda piece on modern sanitation, but never loses sight of its romantic comedy roots. The leads grow as the movie progresses and even the inevitable musical interludes work; indeed, the final one, in which Mr. Kumar admits his faults, is beautifully staged. I can't say how well anyone else will react to this movie, but I enjoyed it immensely.

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