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Windows Vista Home Basic (32 Bit) iso mega: Everything You Need to Know Before Downloading

Hi Lovejeet, sorry for the late reply, I was out for a week vacation, But im back on the job with no time to buy a Windows 7 Home Basic/Pro 64bit version. However, i have a machine that has vista on it, and yes I was able to "copy" the liscense on it.. also I used a service pack 2 DVD and the only thing that mess up was the license key.. It started then I did a shutdown and the key stopped working.. (windows 7 32 bit is the only version available to me) My question is, am I ready to install this version as it will not be my primary operating system, can i just paste my original license.key on this version or i need to buy a new one. and for all other updates such as microsoft security update. My windows account is already setup for automatic updates... thank you all in advance.. google it..

Windows Vista Home Basic (32 Bit) iso mega

Mho, You dont have to buy a new version of Windows 7 Home Basic/Pro 64bit.. You can just use your original key on this version as well. However, Windows 7 Home Basic/Pro 64bit will require a licence key that will be different from the one you used before, so you will need to contact your reseller to buy a new one. The last update offered on the web site of Microsoft do not require any licence key. By the way, its a different product from the Home Premium.

Hi lovejeet, My last question before ive go for a new motherboard, are the security patches must be applied as well if I downgrade to Vista Home Premium 64 bit? I noticed that I dont have any updates from microsoft in my auto update when i browse my computer. Also there is no vista home premium version laptop is a Pavilion DV6600

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