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Where Can I Buy Amelia Sposa Wedding Dresses

Amelia Sposa (also stylized as AmeliaSposa) is an Italian label founded by la Signore Amelia over 30 years ago. Her passion for making beautiful wedding dresses stems from her love of good design and tailoring, and the understanding that every woman deserves to shine and feel special on one of the most significant and unforgettable days of her life.

where can i buy amelia sposa wedding dresses


As one of the front runner in wedding dress industry, Amelia Sposa had just released one popular bridal collection that I love very much, which introduces champagne gold underlay and provides base for the exquisite laces to shine, overflowing with bits of vintage loveliness. A sense of timeless romance permeates every single look in this collection, which range from sublime sheaths to dreamy princess styles.Are you a fan of Amelia Sposa wedding dresses ?Go on checking with us .

It's official; Pinterest have released the most pinned wedding dresses of 2016, and boy are they gorgeous. Stella York and Amelia Sposa both managed to grab 2 spots each on the list and we're pleased to see that old Naomi Neoh chestnut from 2014 still going strong! Have you pinned any of these? Do you follow us on pinterest? Check us out here... 041b061a72

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