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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 - Episode 5 !NEW!

HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife has moved at a slow pace, with Moffat taking the time to establish the main characters and the rules of time travel that govern their lives. He only really began fleshing out their social circles in episode 4, which introduced Clare's best friends, Gomez and Charisse, and it wasn't until episode 5 that viewers got to know Clare's siblings. Her younger sister, Alicia, and older brother, Mark, are immediately given much more development than in the 2009 film adaptation, however, seeming to set them up for major roles going forward. That decision seems rather surprising given The Time Traveler's Wife only has six episodes.

The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 - Episode 5

The TV series is based on the bestselling debut novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger, which tells the full story of Henry and Clare, from the moment of their first meeting to Henry's death when he is 43 years old. However, HBO's adaptation of The Time Traveler's Wife is clearly ending on the couple's wedding day; it's signposted in episode 5, and promotional photos have shown the ceremony. This event is about halfway through the book, clearly signifying Moffat's intention to make a second season.

It's possible The Time Traveler's Wife season 1 will end on a cliffhanger, building on some of its more gruesome Easter eggs, such as Henry discovering two of his amputated feet, or the blood that keeps following him around. "I know that really bad stuff is coming, Clare. I know I'm going to be frightened and bleeding, and I know that one day I'm not going to survive it," Henry warned Clare in The Time Traveler's Wife episode 2.

It stars Rose Leslie and Theo James in the main role as Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble, respectively. The other cast members include Caitlin Shorey, Everleigh McDonell, Brian Altemus, Jason David, Kate Siegel, Desmin Borges, Natasha Lopez, Michael Park, Jaime Ray Newman and Taylor Richardson amongst others. The fifth episode of the series is out now and has a runtime of 45 minutes.

Clare has a literal date with destiny. One day she's going to meet a young man called Henry DeTamble, whom she'll know very well but who won't recognize her at all, and she will become the time traveler's wife.[1]

Right off the bat, the first episode of The Time Traveler's Wife hits us with a structural change. The series opens with Henry and Clare recording videos of themselves speaking directly to camera about their relationship to time travel. This framing device isn't in the novel, but Moffat uses this direct address in order to lift some prose directly from Niffenegger's novel, specifically from the prologue. Why are they making videos? Who are they speaking to? Only time will tell.

Moffat adds some new time travel lore to The Time Traveler's Wife. In the show, parts of Henry's body, such as his baby teeth, are able to time travel separately. The first episode also explores this idea with the double whammy of a time-traveling pool of blood and a time-traveling pair of detached feet. These moments, all show-only creations, foreshadow the darkest moments of Henry's future. On the other hand, they raise some questions about what other bodily... fluids of Henry's are just time traveling willy-nilly across the world.

The main focus of The Time Traveler's Wife's second episode is showing just how much the death of Henry's mother Annette (Kate Siegel) impacted him. We see the fateful Christmas car accident play out a few too many times if you ask me. Later, Henry watches his younger self (Jason David) try to warn his mother about the accident in a show-only scene that emphasizes how Henry is unable to change the path.

How do you follow up an episode that begins with how deeply messed up it is to meet your much older soulmate when you're 6 years old and ends with a mention of rape that isn't even in the source material? With a dinner party caper, of course! Episode 4 of The Time Traveler's Wife focuses on two timelines: the past, when Clare and Henry have sex for the first time; and the present, where two versions of Henry reveal themselves to Clare's friends.

Henry finally meets Clare's family in The Time Traveler's Wife's fifth episode, and, like many things in this series, it's completely different from the book. For starters, Henry and Clare arrive at Meadowlark in the summer instead of on Christmas Eve, as they do in the novel. A change in season may not seem like the biggest difference, but Christmas is always such a fraught time for Henry because it reminds him of his mother's death. That adds another layer of complication to the visit, as Henry is constantly trying to mitigate the stress and sadness of this time of year.

However, Henry's journey takes up so much of the episode that we end up losing Clare, both as she prepares for her wedding day and as she experiences pain in the future. We see her sadness solely through Henry's eyes, as he watches her older self mourn something he isn't quite aware of yet. Perhaps Moffat is saving Clare's perspective for Season 2, but it's baffling to me that the show would pull focus away from the time traveler's wife in its finale. It's the titular role!

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