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31 Minutos Yo Nunca Vi Television Download

31 minutos (English: 31 minutes) is a Chilean comedy television series and a children's music virtual band created by the production company Aplaplac (owned by Álvaro Díaz, Pedro Peirano and Juan Manuel Egaña) that began to be transmitted on March 15, 2003 by the signal of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN). The program is a parody to 60 minutos, a controversial news program of the same channel, transmitted in the 1970s and 1980s. It focuses on the adventures of the team of a news program of little prestige in which something unexpected always happens, whose presenter is Tulio Triviño. The program's notes are educational and leave an explicit or implicit message, while others are quite ridiculous.

31 minutos yo nunca vi television download


The origins of 31 minutos date back to 1990, when its creators Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano entered the Universidad de Chile to study journalism and met each other for the first time.[1] At first, Díaz did not meet with Peirano nor was he interested in talking to him, but they got together to do some academic work, which led both of them to realize that they shared the same sense of humor and to become friends.[2] The two met again in 1995, when they produced programs such as Plan Z and El Factor Humano for the Chilean television channel Rock & Pop.[3] But, contrary to their expectations, neither production prospered.[4] In addition, the channel ceased broadcasting on December 1, 1999,[5] leaving both Peirano and Diaz unemployed.[6]

At the end of 2010, 31 minutos performed a play called Resucitando una estrella ("Resuscitating a Star"). The plot revolved around a television talent show, where Tulio Triviño and other characters were looking for the best old-fashioned artist to give them the chance to be again.[62] These performances began as a tour of southern Chile to bring joy to people in the localities most devastated by the earthquake of February 27 that year,[63] but some time later the play arrived in Mexico, in 2012.[64]

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