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[Bossa Nova] Stan Getz Joao Gilberto - Getz,G...

About half of the songs heard here were also recorded by Getz and Gilberto for their Columbia release The Best of Two Worlds (which would be released that fall but had been recorded a year earlier), including two from Antonio Carlos Jobim. His songs, of course, had defined the groundbreaking, original Getz/Gilberto. ("The Girl from Ipanema," however, is absent.) Best of all is Gilberto's solo rendition of the haunting lyrical collage "Aguas de Marco" ("Waters of March"), one of Jobim's great post-1960s standards. The lesser-known "Retrato en Branco e Prieto" ("Picture in Black and White") has a hypnotic feel that harkens back to "Corcovado." A third Jobim song played at Keystone Korner did not appear on Best of Two Worlds. "Chega da Saudade" is often recognized as the first bossa nova song. With his 1959 rendition, João Gilberto was likely the second artist to record it. His genial rapport with Getz is evident on the song titled "No More Blues" in English, and both men certainly delivered on the promise of that title.

[Bossa Nova] Stan Getz Joao Gilberto - Getz,G...


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