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Hi Ovidiu, The replacement cassette foil cutters have an 11% recommendation at The rep said they only have one cutter but their site shows a honeycomb style and also a pizza with a bullseye style foil. People swear by the original but dislike the replacement. Help!!! Thanks Todd RI

buy braun

Hi. Thank you for your website, It is really helpful. I have a question regarding braun series 7 and 5: where is the so called SkinGuard, is it on all series 7 variants? Does the newer series 5 have it? Thank you in advance.

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The absolute cult object. The wall-mounted system is one of the most sought-after hi-fi systems from the 60s. The combination of the amplifier part with radio, the reel to reel machine, the matching speakers and the record player on a Vitsoe shelf is a great idea of the designer Dieter Rams. The Braun hi-fi wall unit is an object of desire for enthusiastic Braun collectors. This absolute rarity is rarely offered as a complete system, and when it is, it is in poor condition or halfway to hitting the right color tone repainted and reprinted. Through braunaudio you can buy this wall-mounted stereo system in perfect vintage condition.

I am interested in: choosewall unitbraun audio 310 whitebraun audio 310 white & kangaroobraun audio 310 anthracitebraun audio 310 anthracite & kangaroobraun SK55sideboard kangaroovitsoe 606 vintagestylus tracking force gaugecallbackothers

The braun TS 45 Receiver was developed in 1965 by Dieter Rams and has an amplifier section with inputs for tape and a turntable and a radio receiver for several bands. Shortwave, Mediumwave and Longwave are accompanied by a fm stereo section. When connected to an antenna, the quality of the radio reception is great. There is a field intensity display and a stereo indicator lamp, which give the FM section a complete look. The TS 45 is equipped with suspension devices for wall mounting and is technically absolutely identical in construction to the audio 2 compact system also launched in 1965. The TS 45 was sold for 1,245.00 Deutsche Mark. The amplifier power is 2 x 15 watts (sine 2 x 25 watt).

The original braun turntable model PCS 5 is an impressive piece of craftsmanship. The tonearm has elaborate adjustment options for perfect record playback comfort and was equipped with a tonearm lift for manual operation. A Shure pickup was used in the tone head at the factory, and its needles can still be reordered today. Technical maintenance in a qualified workshop ensures that the PCS 5 turntable will function as it did on the first day, and will continue to do so for decades to come. This record player was sold from 1965 for 658,- German Mark.

You can buy a braun wall-unit vintage stereo system through Braunaudio vintage means, that the technical functions are restored and that the appearance is the carefully restored original finish. You will receive a detailed documentation of the repair work performed and an original braun audio vintage certification of the respective condition. The wall-unit is available in white and also in the gray color known as graphite. 041b061a72

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