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Transformers G1 Awakening Apk

Transformers G1: Awakening is a modern turn-based strategy game where the player takes on the role of commander of an Autobot squad. War has flared up again on Cybertron. The Autobots had to leave their home in search of a new refuge. However, the escape failed. The Decepticons tracked down the Transformers ship and dealt a serious blow. The attacked transformers were forced to retreat to Earth.

Transformers G1 Awakening Apk

According to the plot of the game Transformers G1: Awakening for Android, four million years later, a volcanic eruption awakened the transformers. And this time, the Decepticons were there. The Autobots were hot on the heels of the war. Now we had to take the fight and fight for human civilization. By controlling each Autobot, the player will be able to concentrate on exploring new territories and countless battles with the cruel Decepticons. It is necessary to free the world from the tyranny of evil robots. To win, think over the strategy of battles, sensibly evaluate your own strengths and collect bonuses that enhance the attacking abilities of the fighters.

The era of transformers is long gone. Hard days have come. Enemies at every turn, eager to finish off the last surviving transformers. However, not only the Autobots are threatened by the Decepticons. People living on planet Earth will also have to fight for their lives.

TRANSFORMERS H1: AWAKENING for Android Author's descriptionfromThis tale is structured on the very first of the game's TV drama, opening a version of the computer animation is really miss, while cars and decepticon't greatest competition battles will carry on on the earth.This story is structured on the first of the video game's Television drama, opening a version of the computer animation is really miss, while vehicles and decepticon't greatest rivalry fights will carry on on the globe. Familiar optimus primary, bumblebee, megatron, starscréam etc transformers personas in a sport in a debut. A picture of the sport is certainly to make use of a mixture of 2D and rendering method of manifestation, the battle at the transformers modelling can be quite good, the assault is very lighting effects.Data of Video game:DOWNLOADSystem Requirements:Zero special needs.Program Release Status: New ReleaseProgram Install Support: Install and Uninstall.

Much of that affection stems from the game's wise return to Transformers: Generation 1, which immediately bestows upon the game a nostalgic appeal. A 17-mission Story mode follows from the Autobot awakening, from which they're immediately prompted into action to stop a Decepticon plan to take over Earth.

Hello, this is to anyone considering downloading either Transformers Cybertoy or G1 Awakening. I recommend the G1 awakening game but I say pass on the Cybertoy. They have/had a full version where you could get 8 bots for only 1.99 at the time of purchase. I think Glu are just a bunch of money mongers only in it for the buck. I have asked them on more than one occasion if they would bring new bots to Cybertoy and finally recieved a message back about a week ago saying that they wouldn't. Another thing too is that most of the bots were sloppy made and choppy when transforming. Certain bots had awful gimmics as well. Take Sideswipe for example: Transformation was terrible with all parts disappearing and then they made his blades into scissors and forgot to give him hands. Take Ironhide: choppy transformation and then his weapons became enlarged when you deploy them which makes no sense at all. Out of all 8 bots the only ones decent enough were Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Prime's blade is upside down if you are picky about screen accuracy, which I am. Bumblebee at least dances when you play music. If I were the average joe customer I would just download the free version with just Bumblebee and leave it at that.

Transformers G1: Awakening 4 million years after crash landing, the heroic Autobots and the ruthless Decepticons awake to find themselves on the modern day Earth. Determined to defend mankind, you must guide the Autobots to victory across a series of missions which span the entire galaxy. Tips: Not only are transformers in vehicle form faster but they're slightly tougher, even if they can't attack or return fire. The red squares on a movement grid represent the squares which can be attacked. Worth factoring in when trying to stay out of a Decepticon's reach. Rough terrain doesn't just slow you down, it also provides defensive cover, use it wisely. Every character has a particular strength against airborne or ground based characters. Check the stats before you attack. Surrounding the enemy before attacking them increases attack strength by 25% in the form of supporting fire. Keep your characters' health up. Attack power is proportional to how damaged a character is. Transformers G1 Awakening is a Very nice turn based strategy mobile game. 350c69d7ab

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