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What is Asian Handicap? Sharing how to place Asian Handicap bets

Asian Handicap, also known as Handicap betting, is a topic of great interest among many enthusiasts. This type of bet is predominantly used in football matches in the Asian market. Let's delve deeper into the experience of placing accurate Asian Handicap bets with Wintips in the following article.

What is Asian Handicap?

What is Asian Handicap? Simply put, this is a type of bet used in football matches within the Asian scope. Since its introduction, these types of bets have seen significant development, serving as the foundation for the diversity of new betting options. Bets such as yellow card bets, over/under bets, or corner kick bets are all derived from the original Asian Handicap bet.

Asian Handicap bets help players understand which team is stronger and has a greater chance of soccer prediction 100 win. This assists players in making informed and swift decisions when placing their bets.

The duration of a match in Asian Handicap betting is 90 minutes, excluding extra time. If the match does not have a clear winner within the 90-minute duration and extra time is required, additional types of bets will be available for players during the extra time period.

What are the types of Asian Handicap bets?

When deciding to play Asian Handicap, players must certainly familiarize themselves with common types of bets. So what are the common types of Asian Handicap bets? Let's find out right below:

Handicap 0 (Draw No Bet)

The Draw No Bet option is often chosen for betting tips 1x2 on finals or semi-finals matches when players perceive both teams to be evenly matched. If the team the player bets on wins, they will receive the full amount of the bet. Conversely, if the result is a draw, the bet is refunded.

Handicap 0.25 (Half-Win Asian Handicap)

This is a bet used when there's a noticeable difference in strength between the two teams. If both teams draw, the player will only lose half of the bet amount. However, if the team the player bet on wins by one goal, the player will receive the full bet amount. Conversely, if the team the player bet on loses by one goal, the player will lose the entire bet amount.

Handicap 0.5 (Half-Win Handicap)

This is a bet where the favorite team will give a handicap of 0.5 to the underdog. At the end of the match, if the score is a draw, the underdog will win all bets. The favorite team needs to win by at least one goal to win.

Handicap 0.75 (Quarter-Win Handicap)

This type of bet is used when the favorite team gives the underdog a 0.75 handicap. If the final difference is two goals, the favorite team will win the full amount of the bet. They will win half the bet amount if they win by one goal. If the match ends in a draw or the favorite team loses, the entire bet amount will be lost.

How to place Asian Handicap bets correctly

What is Asian Handicap" has been shared by Wintips above. This is considered a type of bet that professional players especially favor because it brings significant rewards when winning. So, how can one analyze Asian Handicap bets most accurately?

Select matches with evenly matched teams

One effective way to analyze Asian Handicap bets is to select matches where both teams are evenly matched in terms of strength. In such cases, the player's chances of winning are already above 70%.

Moreover, when choosing evenly matched teams, opt for the home team. In these matches, there is no significant difference in the odds. Additionally, the home team's lineup remains unchanged.

Placing Asian Handicap bets based on experience

If you want to place Asian Handicap bets accurately, players should refer to pre-match analyses. At the same time, seek information from top reputable bookmakers to obtain the most reliable data.

Moreover, players also need to research information about the lineup, such as injury situations, defensive and offensive lines, etc. This will provide valuable data to make the most accurate decisions.

Considerations when analyzing Asian Handicap bets

One simple yet essential way to analyze bets is to consider the fluctuations in the betting odds. Players should review the odds density offered by bookmakers at least 2-3 days before the match starts. Bookmakers often adjust the odds density to trap players.

The most accurate way to analyze Asian Handicap bets is to learn from the experiences of other players. This is a crucial factor in increasing the chances of winning.

It is especially important to thoroughly understand what Asian Handicap betting entails. Understanding the rules of the game and, importantly, finding reputable bookmakers are essential. Avoid placing bets with obscure bookmakers as it can easily result in losing the bet amount.


Above are the insights from everyday winning soccer tips about what Asian Handicap betting is. We hope this article helps you better understand this type of football bet. And may you have the opportunity to win big prizes and enjoy relaxing moments with the most exciting matches.

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