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Dr. Driving: A Challenging and Addictive Driving Game for All Ages

Dr. Driving 2 is a simulation game for people who are looking for a fun way of learning how to drive. This is one of the most popular driving simulation games around and presents gamers with plenty of challenges to overcome.

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One of the cool things about Dr. Driving 2 is that the simulation realistically creates the driving experience and helps those who are learning get to grips with the experience. players are given several different vehicles to choose from and various different missions to complete such as navigating their way out of a multilevel car park that comes complete with plenty of tight turns an d other types of potential hazards. Gamers can also play online to pit their wits against other gamers in the multiplayer mode.

Driving School 2016 is a virtual driving game that simulates real life traffic examples and lets you pass your test online. Players can drive different vehicles along a range of simulated locations from city streets to exciting off-road trails.

You can even learn how to handle manual transmission and practise switching gears at the right time. Boost your skill level as you drive a variety of cars and larger power vehicles. With over 50 different levels this game affords great replayability and exciting graphics make the virtual experience even more intense. Options include different vehicles and a range of environments including deserts, mountains and high volume city traffic. Even the weather is realistic and detailed interior dashboards along with cool engine sounds make the experience totally authentic. Players can also practise navigation using detailed maps. Internet connection is required and friends can join online for multi-player driving exploits.

Drive like a pro and take different types of test behind the wheel of a car, bus or truck. Driving School 2016 lets you experience wholly realistic driving challenges as you zoom through busy city streets. Follow the highway code and win your driver's licence to prove you have what it takes to survive on the road.

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This game is a really simple and small racing game having a simple 10 MB file size. This game only consists of simple driving that are need to be done till specific destinations which are fixed by the system. Then the players receive striking bonuses and cash to buy their favorite cars and tune them accordingly.

The system offers multiple beautiful destinations to the players and there are many modes to select from. As soon as the game starts the player is given a default car and then they have to select a quest or a play mode to start the game. These missions require many mechanisms such as speeding up of the car, completing quest in specific time, good driving skills, avoiding crashes and more.

This game is published by SUD Inc. and lies in the genre of Racing as it consists of cars, driving and tasks that may require the player to speed up.Q. Is the Dr. Driving game massive or simple?This game is simple as the player gets simple task and they have to drive to complete those tasks and quests. These tasks brings with them massive and impressive bonuses as well as cash for players to enjoy.Q. What is shown on screen when the Dr. Driving game starts?As soon as the game starts the interface of the console appears and the cockpit shown there containing the steering wheel of the car, a break to stop or slow down the car and a pedal. Moreover, instructions will be given to players to use all the features efficiently.Q. What type of missions and mechanisms are there in Dr. Driving?This game comes with many quests and challenges as well as missions for the players to enjoy. These missions comes with multiple mechanisms which include Mission Speed where the players have to complete a given task in a given period of time, have to show their skills and more. 4.59 / 5 ( 66 votes )Recommended for YouOff The Road Pro Apk

One of the quickest levels to beat is the drifting stage. You can easily win at this level once you get a hang of it. One extremely easy way to win at this level is to increase the drift-time bar and to start driving in the middle of the intersection.

The game offers different steering control options. Such as steer to control, or tilt the phone to control. It has two views one from the dashboard and the other an aerial view. Due to the lack of left and right mirrors driving from the aerial view is much easier compared to the dashboard. The game graphics are standard and can be easily managed on a low-end device.

To download this fun indie style game just click on the download button above to start the download. Explore other similar games such as Bus Simulator and Driving School for a fun driving experience. Let us know how you play this game in the comments section below.

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