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Notes when playing 1.5 handicap, 1.5 split handicap

Currently, Asian Handicap is one of the preferred types of bets when participating in football betting. Among them, the 1.5 handicap and 1.5 split handicap are being widely used by many to facilitate winning and increase betting profits. To understand more about this type of bet, let's refer to the following article with win betting tips.

Understanding the 1.5 handicap, 1.5 split handicap

The 1.5 handicap is not unfamiliar to professional players but quite new to beginners. Here is specific information about this type of bet that you can refer to:

What are the 1.5 handicap and 1.5 split handicap?

The 1.5 handicap, also known as the 1.5 split handicap, often appears in Asian Handicap bets at online platforms, especially in matches with significant disparities in class, strength, and lineup.

During the betting process, you need to have a method to make the most accurate decision from the uk bookmaker. Besides, choosing the effective betting side is not easy and depends on many other factors. Some possible scenarios include:

When the match ends with a margin of 2 goals or more (2 - 0, 3 - 1, 4 - 1...), the player chooses the favorite team to win the bet, and those who choose the underdog will lose.

The favorite team wins with a margin of only 1 goal, draws, or loses to the underdog. In this case, those who choose the favorite team will lose the bet, and the underdog wins.

Example of a 1.5 split handicap bet

In the match between Russia and Belgium, the odds displayed by the betting site online show that Russia gives Belgium a 1.5 handicap, 1.5 split handicap (11/2 split). You choose to bet on Russia with $100 and odds of 0.95. At the end of the match, there are two possible scenarios:

Belgium loses to Russia by a margin of 2 goals or more (2 - 0, 3 - 1, 4 - 0...). If you win the bet, you will receive a betting amount of $100 x 0.95 = $95.

If Belgium only loses to Russia by a margin of 1 goal, draws, or loses the match. You lose the bet and lose the entire $100 stake.

The most accurate way to calculate the 1.5 split handicap

The 1.5 handicap, 1.5 split handicap often appears in matches where there is a significant difference in strength and level between the two teams. This bet contributes to creating balance and brings surprises and excitement in the betting side selection process. Some effective betting tips that you should not ignore when betting on the 1.5 handicap include:

Before placing a bet, you need to thoroughly research all relevant information about both teams, such as key players, rankings, head-to-head records, current form...

In situations where the away team is rated higher and plays professionally, you should choose the underdog.

When the underdog has a solid defense and a diverse attacking style, consider whether to choose that team or not.

In matches with a ceremonial nature, you should choose the favorite team.

Some necessary things when playing the 1.5 handicap bet at wintips

To ensure a smooth betting process and maximize profits when playing the 1.5 handicap and 1.5 split handicap, you need to pay attention to some important and necessary things, such as:

When the home team is the favorite, choose the underdog

If in a match you choose the strength of the two teams without much difference, but the favorite team has a home advantage, you should choose to bet on the underdog. This option is considered safe and has a relatively high chance of winning. However, when the away team is the favorite, players should choose the opposite. Regardless of which team you bet on, you need to calculate everything carefully.

Fully understand and provide information about both teams before placing a bet

Before placing a bet, you need to fully understand and provide detailed information about both teams to make the most accurate decisions and increase your chances of winning. The data you need to have include: squad situation, main lineup, head coach, head-to-head record, home and away performance, weather... From there, you will have an overall and accurate assessment to proceed with your bet.


Basic and accurate information about the 1.5 handicap and 1.5 split handicap has been shared specifically in the above article. By applying effective betting methods, you will have more opportunities to win. You can earn additional profits by participating in betting on these types of bets at wintips starting now.

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